The J&B Story

We are so thrilled that you actually want to read about us! Wow… Where do we start?

J&B Gourmet Popcorn Co. is the brain child of “popcorn enthusiast” Briana “Bree” Young and her extremely handsome, charming husband Juan Young (you can tell who wrote this section right? Lol).  Bree’s love for popcorn started many years ago. When she was little girl, her family would gather in front of the TV on Friday evenings and watch their favorite shows, but not until they got a bowl of mom’s homemade caramel corn. Popcorn brought their family together to share many memories.

Now fast forward to early 2015 when we started started dating. I had a taste of Bree’s mom’s (hi mom!) special caramel corn recipe and was hooked! After the “I do’s”, we moved to LA and couldn’t find any place that sold fresh caramel corn.

We started to research local places to get a fresh bag of caramel corn, and we couldn’t find one. That inspired us to take the secret recipe that mom used, and open our own gourmet popcorn business, J&B popcorn.

Every time you enjoy J&B our hearts are filled with Joy! We hope that you create many memories while eating J&B Gourmet Popcorn Co.!

Bree Young
Co-Founder & Operations Guru

Bree is in charge of the day to day operations of the company. If you have a question, more than likely Bree has the answer.

Jaylen Young
Chief Morale Officer

Jaylen helps to keep the morale high for the team, with laughs, random noises and occasional toy tossing.

juan young

Juan is the idea guy. He helps to create the vision for J&B and ensure that we are always pushing ourselves to our creative limits!

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